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The European Parliament: a key actor in German unification

Schuman Declaration: 70 years on

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Text and data mining: a new service for libraries?

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‘State of the EU’ to the fore [September plenary session]

The international dimension of European Urban Policy

Macro-regional strategies across Europe

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2014: a great year in European politics? A great year on the EPRS Think Tank Blog

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Summary: Conference on the Echelon affair

La violence envers les femmes dans l’UE: État des lieux

European defence cooperation: New impetus needed

Austerity, labour market and international treaties. Cases of four EU countries in receipt of financial assistance

EU budget for growth and employment – In Focus

Social dimension of austerity measures: Cases of four EU countries in receipt of financial assistance

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood experience: International response and regional implications

The MFF 2014-2020: how much can the EU budget contribute to growth and employment?

Constitutional problems of multi-tier governance in the EU

North-East Atlantic fish stock disputes: The mackerel and herring conflicts

Une Union de droits

EU financial instruments for external action

Emergency response and civil protection

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