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EU long-term budget: Does the EU have enough resources to finance its priorities?

EU collaborative models to tackle childhood cancer

BLOG 6 months ago

Pegasus affair: the end of privacy and cybersecurity?

BLOG, Events 7 months ago

Roundtable on the EU Economic and Budgetary Outlook for 2023

BLOG 9 months ago

How to provide enforceable protection for academic freedom at EU level?

BLOG, Events 10 months ago

EPRS online policy roundtable: Xi Jinping’s third mandate: what next for China?

BLOG 1 year ago

The metaverse: opportunities, risks and policy implications

The future of pandemics: Preparing for health shocks in the 21st century

BLOG, Events 1 year ago

Russia’s war on Ukraine: Policy implications for Europe, today and tomorrow

BLOG, Events 2 years ago

How strong is Europe’s economic recovery?

BLOG, Events 2 years ago

All-encompassing transformation, creative AI and superhumans: How will AI change humanity?

BLOG, Events 2 years ago

Thinking about the future: What is the future of sovereignty and of European sovereignty?

BLOG, Events 2 years ago

Peace and Security in the World Today: What difference is Europe making and how can we make its impact even bigger?

BLOG, Events 2 years ago

The new EU Roma Strategic Framework: Towards equality, inclusion and participation

BLOG, Events 2 years ago

Delivering the 2021-27 MFF and NGEU: How to, match strategy, resources and expectations?

BLOG, Events 2 years ago

EPRS debates the MFF negotiations with President Sassoli

BLOG, Events 3 years ago

EPRS and OECD hold a joint conference on science and research

BLOG, Events 3 years ago

Online policy roundtable: Europe’s challenges in 2021: Ten issues to watch

BLOG, Events 4 years ago

How should democracies respond to the disinformation dilemma?

BLOG, Events 4 years ago

Cultural mores, wealth impact education process: OECD-EPRS conference

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