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EU policies – Delivering for citizens: Industrial policy [Policy Podcast]

Through its industrial policy, the European Union (EU) has been striving to create conditions conducive to increasing industry growth and competitiveness since 1992. Continue reading

Outcome of European Council meeting of 9 March 2017 and of informal meeting of the EU27 of 10 March 2017

Written by Suzana Anghel and Ralf Drachenberg, After re-electing Donald Tusk as its President, the European Council meeting of 9 March 2017 discussed the economic situation in Europe, progress on measures regarding migration, internal and external security, and external relations. In his first speech to the European Council, the recently- elected President of the European … Continue reading

Public opinion and EU action on industrial policy, energy supply and security: exploring the expectations gap

Written by Clare Ferguson, The European Parliament, the only directly elected EU institution, recently commissioned a Eurobarometer survey to gauge citizens’ attitudes to EU action in a range of policy fields, including industry, energy supply and energy security. Although industrial policy appears to be a low priority for citizens, ensuring a secure supply of energy … Continue reading

EU industrial policy

Written by  Dessislava Yougova, One of the main challenges for the EU economy to stimulate economic growth is to kick-start the ‘industrial renaissance’ of Europe. In the current international context urgent action is needed to enhance industrial competitiveness; to promote innovation and sustainability as well as corporate social responsibility; to support the internationalisation of EU businesses; … Continue reading

Automated vehicles in the EU

Written by Susanne Pillath Automated vehicle technologies allow the transfer of driving functions from a human driver to a computer. Automation, and in particular digitalisation, of driving will change road transport in a way which is viewed as a revolution in the field of mobility. As human error is the main reason for road traffic … Continue reading

What new industrial policy for Europe?

The present key source aims to identify different forms of industrial policy, define them, as well as offering a number of position papers on the topic. It does so in the context of the Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) Committee’s drafting of a report on reindustrialising Europe to promote competitiveness and sustainability (2013/2006(INI). The draft … Continue reading

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