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Precision agriculture: animated infographic explains how it revolutionises farming in Europe

Turning waste into a resource

Foresight: a policy tool for anticipating technology trends

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Horizon scanning and analysis of techno-scientific trends

What if intensification of farming could enhance biodiversity? [Science and Technology Podcast]

What if animal farming were not so bad for the environment? [Science and Technology Podcast]

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The future of robotics: find out yourself (animated infographic)

What if computers were trillions of times faster? [Science and Technology Podcast]

What can European farming expect from new technologies?

PUBLICATIONS 6 years ago

What if I had to put my safety in the hands of a robot? [Science and Technology Podcast]

Precision Agriculture, what is it and how can it affect farming in Europe? A new study

What if cars became crucial for the energy grid? [Science and Technology Podcast]

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How will robotic applications in the energy grid change our lives?

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Robotic applications will bring about major changes in healthcare

BLOG 6 years ago

Will robots change the face of agriculture and food production?

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Cyber-Physical Systems and their application in modern manufacturing

BLOG 6 years ago

How will robotics applications change the transport of people and goods?

BLOG 6 years ago

Will autonomous machines make us safer?

How will robots change our lives? New study on the Ethics of Cyber-Physical Systems

What if your shopping were delivered by drones? [Science and Technology Podcast]

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