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Health literacy puts healthcare in your hands

Written by Nera Kuljanic and Sara Cagol On 1 July the Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) Panel welcomed a wide audience to a workshop on ‘Health literacy in Europe’. The event featured the presence of Paul Rübig, STOA Chair, who opened and chaired the event, and MEP Karin Kadenbach, who had proposed the event … Continue reading

Improving policy-making through Technology Assessment

Written by Nera Kuljanic and Sara Cagol Technology Assessment (TA) is ‘an analytic and democratic practice which aims to broaden the knowledge base of policy decisions by comprehensively analysing the socio-economic preconditions as well as the possible social, economic and environmental impacts’, according to Lars Klűver, Director of the Danish Board of Technology Foundation, speaking at … Continue reading

Health literacy and the role of technology in Europe

Workshop hashtag: #eHealthSTOA WebStreaming STOA website & registration Written by Gianluca Quaglio and Sara Cagol Developments in science and technology give access to much health-related information we could not have imagined a few years ago – but are we sufficiently health-literate to take responsibility for our own health, as well as that of our family and community? … Continue reading

Graphene: the one-atom-thick film of carbon that makes all the difference

Written by Sara Cagol On 2 June 2015 the Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) Panel hosted a workshop entitled ‘Graphene in Europe: From Nobel Prize to technology, innovation and industrial competitiveness‘. Researchers, scientists, industry representatives, societal and environmental stakeholders, and policy-makers, took stock of current graphene-related research and development in Europe, and discussed opportunities … Continue reading

MEPs to partner top scientists on EU policy-making

Project hashtag:  #EUsci4PARL Written by Sara Cagol The EU deals with many issues which have a profound scientific and technological dimension. In this ‘modern age’, science and technology are deeply integrated in all structures of our society, from the most obvious, such as communication and mobility, to others that are less so, such as norms, … Continue reading

Graphene: a honeycomb lattice with the strength to change our world

Workshop hashtag: #GrapheneSTOA Webstreaming STOA website Written by Sara Cagol Graphene, one of the ‘Ten technologies that could change our lives‘, is a one-atom-thick film of carbon. It is the thinnest material ever obtained, which yet is also extraordinarily strong – stronger even than steel or diamond.  On Tuesday, 2 June 2015, the Science and … Continue reading

STOA Annual Report 2014: Take a look, tell us what you think

Written by Nera Kuljanic and Sara Cagol, For STOA, Parliament’s in-house source for expert scientific advice on techno-scientific issues, 2014 was marked by continuity on the one hand, and important changes on the other, both aiming to enhance the quality, variety and relevance of STOA activities and products. These are summarised in the newly-published Annual … Continue reading

What should future-oriented teaching and learning look like?

Workshop hashtag: #TeachTechSTOA Webstreaming: STOA website: Written by Nera Kuljanic and Sara Cagol On Wednesday 6 May 2015, the Science and Technology Options Assessment Panel (STOA) will host the workshop ‘How could technology change the way we teach and learn?’, as a follow-up to a recently published STOA study. The event will be … Continue reading

Technology and education: Opportunities and side-effects

Written by Nera Kuljanic and Sara Cagol Technology arouses great expectations as far as its impact on learning and teaching is concerned; yet to date these are only partially satisfied. Although there has been huge public investment and progress has been made, the pace of integration of technology in education is slower than expected. This … Continue reading

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