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Snapshot of the EU regions with a view to selected Europe 2020 targets

Written by Frederik Scholaert, Giulio Sabbati and Sorina Silvia Ionescu, Updated on 4.10.2019 In 2014-2020, €461 billion from the EU budget is allocated to EU regions for investments in support of the strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth (Europe 2020). The NUTS 2 classification (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics) divides EU territory into … Continue reading

Cohesion Policy support for migrants and refugees

Written by Sorina Silvia Ionescu, Migration-related issues are primarily within the competence of the Member States but the EU can support Member States, local authorities and civil society organisations in dealing with many of the associated challenges. In the European Commission Communication on a ‘European Agenda for Migration’, Cohesion Policy is highlighted as an important funding source … Continue reading

Cohesion Policy in Croatia

Written by Sorina Silvia Ionescu Croatia became the 28th EU Member State on 1 July 2013. On 26 August 2013, the European Commission approved the investment plan proposed by Croatia in the framework of the cohesion policy to deliver growth and jobs. The Croatian authorities have defined investment priorities in different regions for the implementation … Continue reading

Cohesion Policy implementation in the EU28

Written by Sorina Ionescu and Christian Dietrich EU Regional Policy is an investment policy. Via various funding programmes, it supports job creation, competitiveness, economic growth, improved quality of life and sustainable development. These investments contribute to the delivery of the Europe 2020 strategy. Regional policy also aims to reduce the economic, social and territorial disparities between … Continue reading

The EU Urban Agenda

Written by Sorina Silvia Ionescu Cities play a central role in the development and competitiveness of European regions. More than 70% of Europeans live in urban areas, and cities are the focal point of economic growth, innovation and entrepreneurship. Recognising the importance of urban issues and the challenges cities increasingly face, a debate on an urban … Continue reading

The EU Strategy for the Alpine Region – EUSALP

Written by Sorina Silvia Ionescu The EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) builds on a solid background of cooperation in the Region. It is the EU’s fourth macro-regional strategy. The European Commission published on 28 July 2015 the Communication and the Action Plan on the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region. Adoption of the Strategy … Continue reading

Partnership Agreements within Cohesion Policy 2014-2020

Written by Sorina Silvia Ionescu Updated on 9th February 2015 Within the Cohesion Policy 2014-2020, Partnership Agreement (PA) sets out the selected thematic objectives (and for each a summary of the main results expected from each of the European Structural and Investment Funds ‐ ESI), the indicative allocation of support by the EU (by thematic objective at … Continue reading

The Sixth Report on Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion

Written by Sorina Silvia Ionescu EU Cohesion Policy investments from 2014-2020 will make more than €38 billion available to support the shift to a more environmentally-friendly economy, through investments for energy efficiency and renewable energy, while up to €33 billion will support Europe’s SMEs to become more competitive. The Report analyses the state of cohesion of the … Continue reading

The EU Strategy for the Danube Region: three years on

Written by Sorina Silvia Ionescu Introduction Two years after the launching of EU Strategy for the Danube Region, the European Commission has released the first progress report. The report provides information on the achievements so far for the 4 pillars and the 11 priority areas: Connecting the Danube Region, Protecting the Environment, Building Prosperity and … Continue reading

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