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Lobbying, Parliament & public trust – EU Transparency Register workshop of 10 May 2017

Written by Marie Thiel, Elisabeth Bauer and Irene Vlad (Transparency Unit). On 10 May 2017 a public workshop entitled ‘EU Transparency Register – lobbying, Parliament & public trust’ to exchange best practices and models for lobby regulation at national and EU level took place at the European Parliament in Brussels. The event was hosted by … Continue reading

EU Transparency Register: bridging the North Atlantic divide

Written by Marie Thiel and Elisabeth Bauer, with Piotr Pielucha The beginning of October marked an historical moment for the EU Transparency Register, with a symbolic ten-thousandth entry recorded on 5 October 2016. Due to the continuing high influx of new registrations, another significant moment came about, this time however on a much more global … Continue reading

EP-Commission Joint Transparency Register

The European Transparency Register was set up in June 2011 and is operated jointly by the European Parliament and the European Commission. The Council of the European Union supports this initiative, although it does not participate in the register for the time being. The aim of the register is to offer citizens a fully transparent … Continue reading

The European Parliament 2009-14 : Five years’ work in figures

This “At a glance” infographic aims to give a succinct picture of some of the activities undertaken by the European Parliament over the most recent term, from July 2009 to date. The Parliament adopts its positions by voting in plenary session on legislative and budgetary texts, as well as on owninitiative reports and other resolutions. EP committees … Continue reading

Selecting Europe’s judges: time for more democratic legitimacy?

On 4 November 2013, eminent European scholars and practitioners gathered at the College of Europe (CoE) in Bruges to discuss the process of appointment of judges to the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) and the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). In his opening address, Jörg Monar (Rector of CoE) stressed the importance of legitimacy of appointments to the European courts … Continue reading

Review of the European Transparency Register

The joint European Transpa­rency Register, which came into effect in June 2011, builds on experience gained with the previous Parliament and Commission registers. The Register is designed as a “one-stop-shop” for interest representatives and an unofficial directory of “lobby contacts” with the EU institutions. By June 2013, around 5 700 organisations, mostly based in Brussels, had … Continue reading

Lobbying the EU institutions

Establishing a precise definition of lobbying is not simple. The definitions used range from very narrow to very wide approaches. This makes it complex to determine statistics on lobbying organisations active in Brussels for which no precise numbers can be provided. Lobbying at EU level has very specific characteristics. It can be assessed on both … Continue reading

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