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Cyclists [What Europe does for you]

As a means of transport over short distances, cycling helps reduce congestion and pollution, lessens our dependence on fuels, brings new jobs and improves public health. Continue reading

Who can adequately react at 50 km/h? The European Citizen´s Initiative

What would you reply to the following question: “Which speed in town do you think is the most appropriate?” Believe it or not, there is a scientific answer to this question. Boundaries of our human body The human body is designed so that it can reach a speed of 30 km/h when running fast: indeed … Continue reading

What are the health benefits of cycling and walking?

What we all (should) know People riding bicycles make no noise, emit no air pollutants or greenhouse gases, ease traffic congestion. Walking and cycling increase fitness. Regular physical exercises provide a sense of wellbeing …Physical activity has many beneficial effects on many aspects of morbidity such as heart disease, diabetes, some types of cancer, and … Continue reading

Des mesures simples pour rendre nos villes plus sûres pour les piétons et cyclistes

Un nouveau rapport international propose des pistes à l’attention des décideurs pour améliorer l’environnement des piétons et des cyclistes et ainsi contribuer à des villes plus agréables à vivre La marche: bienfaits… La marche ne coûte pas cher, ne génère pas d’émissions polluantes, utilise des énergies non fossiles, apporte d’importants bienfaits pour la santé, est … Continue reading

Truckers on bicycles: To be seen or see for yourself!

Cyclists don’t always feel safe on the road. Especially when confronted with huge lorries and a fortori in urban zones. Ever tried crossing tramway rails? How do you as a cyclist stay safe when cycling near large vehicles? How do you stop lorry drivers running over cyclists? Blind (spot of) point of view Both beginning … Continue reading

Give all children access to cycling!

Image copyright pedrosimoes7 under CC-License Global bicycle advocates unveiled the ‘Charter of Vancouver’ calling on the United Nations (UN) to recognize “the right to cycle” for all children.  The Charter of Vancouver was launched during the Velo-city Global 2012 conference as a step towards reaching the goal of a sustainable future, by focusing on cycling … Continue reading

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