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Voting on the new Commission

2014: a great year in European politics? A great year on the EPRS Think Tank Blog

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Ask EP – You asked, we answered

In Focus: EU institutions

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Topics and links – October 2014

The New European Commission – ready to take office on 1 November

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Ask EP – Insight: New Commission, Ukraine-Russia, Scottish referendum

Setting EU priorities: 2014-19 The ten points of Jean-Claude Juncker’s political guidelines

Šefčovič and Bulc: Additional hearings of Commissioners-designate

Round-up of the hearings of the Commissioners-designate: Vice Presidents

Round-up of the hearings of Commissioners-designate – week 1

Additional hearings for Commissioners-designate

‘This time it’s different’ – Hearings of the Vice-presidents-designate

Public debate following the hearing of EU Commissioner-designate for trade Cecilia Malmström before the European Parliament

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Topics and links – September 2014

Overview of Hearings of Commissioners-designate

#EPHearings2014: Meet the Commissioners-designate!

Appointment of the Commission: Parliament’s role before 1995

Parliamentary hearings of the Commissioners-designate: A decisive step in the investiture process

Role and election of the President of the European Commission