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European Parliament Plenary Session October I, 2021

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Citizens’ enquiries on the situation in the Moria refugee camp in Greece and on the EU’s asylum and migration policy

Growing impact of EU migration policy on development cooperation

Common procedure for asylum [EU Legislation in progress]

European Union Agency for Asylum [EU Legislation in Progress]

Reform of the Dublin system [EU Legislation in Progress]

Safe countries of origin: Proposed common EU list [EU Legislation in Progress]

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Migration and asylum in the EU: animated infographic

The EU migratory challenge

June 20, World Refugee Day

Extraterritorial processing of asylum claims

EU migration policy: calls for holistic approach and closer international cooperation

Non-refoulement, push-backs and the EU response to irregular migration

Irregular immigration in the EU: Facts and Figures

The EU’s migration challenge [What Think Tanks are thinking]

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‘EU can and must do more’ – April II plenary session

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Asylum and irregular immigration in the EU

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Asylum procedures in the EU

Asylum in the EU: Facts and Figures

EU legal framework on asylum and irregular immigration ‘on arrival’

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