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Pegasus affair: the end of privacy and cybersecurity?

Roundtable on the EU Economic and Budgetary Outlook for 2023

BLOG 3 months ago

How to provide enforceable protection for academic freedom at EU level?

BLOG 3 months ago

‘Rich and dynamic’: 45 years of EU-ASEAN relations

BLOG, Events 4 months ago

EPRS online policy roundtable: Xi Jinping’s third mandate: what next for China?

BLOG, Events 5 months ago

Achieving full digital language equality in a multilingual European Union

BLOG 6 months ago

Towards a public European health infrastructure: ‘A revolution is needed in the EU pharma ecosystem’

BLOG 10 months ago

‘We have to go for a Global Green Deal’

The future of pandemics: Preparing for health shocks in the 21st century

BLOG, Events 12 months ago

Russia’s war on Ukraine: Policy implications for Europe, today and tomorrow

BLOG, Events 1 year ago

Wellbeing and Covid-19: Life in the pandemic

BLOG, Events 1 year ago

Ethical issues in the Covid-19 pandemic: Digital health applications

BLOG, Events 1 year ago

How strong is Europe’s economic recovery?

BLOG, Events 1 year ago

Coping with the pandemic: Psychosocial consequences of the corona crisis

BLOG, Events 1 year ago

The political science of Next Generation EU: Exploring potential impacts of the new recovery fund

BLOG 1 year ago

New regulatory framework for medical devices made of substances

BLOG 1 year ago

Defending academic freedom in Europe: Call for action

BLOG, Events 1 year ago

All-encompassing transformation, creative AI and superhumans: How will AI change humanity?

BLOG, Events 1 year ago

Together for recovery: European Week of Regions and Cities

BLOG, Events 2 years ago

Thinking about the future: What is the future of sovereignty and of European sovereignty?

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