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Ocean governance and blue growth: Challenges, opportunities and policy responses

European Parliament Plenary Session – April I 2019

EU policies – Delivering for citizens: Fisheries [Policy Podcast]

Port reception facilities for ship waste: Collecting waste from ships in ports [EU Legislation in Progress]

BLOG 4 years ago

European Parliament Plenary Session, February 2019

Multiannual plan for fisheries in the Western Waters [EU Legislation in Progress]

Multiannual plan for demersal fisheries in the western Mediterranean [EU Legislation in Progress]

PUBLICATIONS 5 years ago

Plenary round-up – Strasbourg, March 2018

Transposing international measures for Atlantic tuna fisheries into EU law [EU Legislation in Progress]

Multiannual plan for North Sea demersal fisheries [EU Legislation in Progress]

New rules for managing the EU external fishing fleet [EU Legislation in Progress]

Overhauling fisheries technical measures [EU Legislation in Progress]

BLOG 6 years ago

Adoption, Erasmus, FGM and … fish. European Parliament Plenary Session February I

Multiannual plan for Baltic fisheries [EU Legislation in Progress]

Marine Fisheries-related Tourism in the EU

Adapting EU fisheries legislation to the landing obligation [EU Legislation in Progress]

BLOG 8 years ago

‘EU can and must do more’ – April II plenary session


International Court of Justice rules on Japanese Antarctic whaling programme

Aquaculture in the EU

North-East Atlantic fish stock disputes: The mackerel and herring conflicts

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