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Strategic guidelines for aquaculture in the EU

Worldwide, the aquaculture industry is growing rapidly and playing an increasingly important role in ensuring global food supply, accounting for almost half of all fish and seafood consumption. In the EU, by contrast, the industry has not been part of this global upsurge, but has steadily lost ground despite the fact that the EU is … Continue reading

European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (2014-20)

6 language versions available in PDF format Europäischer Meeres- und Fischereifonds (2014–2020) Fondo Europeo Marítimo y de Pesca (2014-2020) Fonds européen pour les affaires maritimes et la pêche (2014-2020) Fondo europeo per gli affari marittimi e la pesca (2014-2020) Europejski Fundusz Morski i Rybacki (2014–20) European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (2014-20) Political agreement has been … Continue reading

Women and fisheries in the European Union

In most fishing communities, women play a key role in fisheries and in maintaining households and communities. Yet, they remain largely invisible, and their roles unacknowledged. In Europe, over 100,000 women are statistically recorded as being employed in the fisheries sector; however it is still hard to measure their contribution. Statistics overlook women who work … Continue reading

EU-Mauritania fisheries partnership agreement

Fisheries agreements with non-EU countries are intended to allow EU vessels to fish for surplus stocks in a third country’s exclusive economic zone in return for a financial contribution. They are negotiated by the European Commission based on a Council mandate, and ratified by the Council with the consent of the European Parliament (EP). The … Continue reading

The maritime dimension of the EU’s CSDP

6 language versions available in PDF format Die maritimen Aspekte der GSVP der EU La dimensión marítima de la PCSD de la UE La dimension maritime de la PSDC La dimensione marittima della PSDC dell’UE Wymiar morski unijnej WPBiO The maritime dimension of the EU’s CSDP As piracy off Africa has become a global security … Continue reading

Recovery of the European eel stock

Present in large numbers in most coastal and fresh water courses of Europe 30 years ago, European eels are today critically endangered. European eels Growing in fresh water and reproducing at sea (a catadromous species), European eels Anguilla anguilla have a peculiar biology. Migrating thousands of kilometres, adult eels spawn (and die) in the depths … Continue reading

EU-Mauritania fisheries agreements

The EU started to seek fisheries agreements with third countries after the adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (1982). The first such agreement with Mauritania was concluded in 1987, with successive agreements part of a broader development and cooperation framework. Successive reforms of the Common Fisheries Policy have led … Continue reading

Blue growth

In September 2012, the European Commission (EC) adopted a Communication on blue growth which aims to develop the potential of the EU’s seas, oceans and coasts to create employment and promote innovation and sustainable growth. A wide variety of marine and maritime economic activities fall within the sphere of this initiative, with five specific sectors … Continue reading

Blue for EU: Library focus on the Blue Planet

June 5 is World Environment Day. And the environment is not just about, the climate, soil, air, or water…but also about the seas…so the United Nations officially recognise June 8 as World Oceans Day. Quite logically then, the Members of the European Parliament have their eyes on oceans and “blue” related matters. To keep them … Continue reading

Discarding fish under the Common Fisheries Policy: Towards an end to mandated waste

Fishermen not only catch what they are interested in or authorised to fish. The unwanted part of their catches is discarded back at sea, often dead. This is seen by many as an unacceptable waste of resources. The importance of discards varies but in some fisheries, it can be very large. Discarding practices at sea … Continue reading

A new framework for the Common Fisheries Policy

6 language versions available in PDF format Ein neuer Rahmen für die Gemeinsame Fischereipolitik Un nuevo marco para la política pesquera común Un nouveau cadre pour la politique commune de la pêche Un nuovo quadro per la politica comune della pesca Nowe ramy wspólnej polityki rybołówstwa A new framework for the Common Fisheries Policy The … Continue reading

EU ban on shark finning

6 language versions available EU-Verbot des Hai-Finning Prohibición del cercenamiento de aletas de tiburón en la UE Interdiction de l’Union concernant l’enlèvement des nageoires de requins Divieto di asportazione delle pinne di squalo imposto dall’Unione europea Unijny zakaz obcinania płetw rekinom EU ban on shark finning Some shark species have become threatened in recent years, … Continue reading

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