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Russia’s war against Ukraine: US support

President Biden’s 2023 State of the Union address

BLOG 11 months ago

US mid-term elections: What to expect?

The 2022 US mid-term elections: Legislation meets politics

China’s economic recovery and dual circulation model

Modernisation of the trade pillar of the EU-Mexico Global Agreement [International Agreements in Progress]

EU–China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment: Levelling the playing field with China [International Agreements in Progress][Policy Podcast]

Review of EU Enforcement Regulation for trade disputes [EU Legislation in Progress]

EU-China relations: Taking stock after the 2020 EU-China Summit

China’s democratic neighbours and coronavirus: Protecting populations without lockdowns

2019 Sakharov Prize laureate: Ilham Tohti

The trade pillar of the EU-Mercosur Association Agreement [International Agreements in Progress]

Towards a new EU policy approach to China: 21st EU-China Summit – April 2019

Modernisation of the trade pillar of the EU-Chile Association Agreement [International Agreements in Progress]

EU trade with Latin America and the Caribbean: Overview and figures

Modernising trade defence instruments [EU Legislation in Progress]

EU framework for FDI screening [EU Legislation in Progress]

Protection from dumped and subsidised imports [EU Legislation in Progress]

China’s WTO accession: 15 years on Taking, shaking or shaping WTO rules?

Argentina: Economic indicators and trade with EU

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