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The Rome Treaties: towards an ‘Ever Closer Union’

1976 Electoral Act 40 years on: History and significance for European democracy today

Places in Brussels of symbolic significance for Europe

The first hemicycle of the European Parliament: Schuman Building, Luxembourg

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Happy Birthday European Union: Europe Day, 9 May

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L’impact de la Communauté européenne du charbon et de l’acier (CECA) sur le Luxembourg et la construction européenne

The 1995 enlargement of the European Union: The accession of Finland and Sweden

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The Historical Archives: European Union history and European Parliament history

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Launch of the Historical Archives of the European Parliament website

A stepping stone towards gender equality: the Ad Hoc Committee on Women’s Rights 1979-1981

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Democratic Change in Central and Eastern Europe 1989-90; the European Parliament and the end of the Cold War

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Historical Archives – 2014 at a glance

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Visits to the European Parliament by spiritual leaders

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Summary: Conference on the Echelon affair

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The Echelon Affair: A History of the Investigation and its significance today

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From Santer to Barroso: how strongly EP supported them?

From Hallstein to Prodi – Statements of Presidents of the European Commission before the European Parliament

Appointment of the Commission: Parliament’s role before 1995

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Historical Archives of the European Parliament

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The first hemicycle of the European Parliament

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