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Keysources – an information resource for MEPs

EPRS Keysources are designed to provide Members of the European Parliament with an expert selection of documents on a given topic. Whilst MEPs can request information and analysis from ERPS at any time – Keysources are put together in anticipation of information needs, and in order to provide a quick overview of documents and discussion … Continue reading

Italy and the European Union: selected sources

From 1 July 2014, Italy will take over the six-month rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union. We have gathered some useful information sources about the country to give a general overview on Italian politics and legislation, as well as its relation with the European Union. A list of the main think tanks … Continue reading

Welcome new clients! Visiting the Croatian Observers / Kontakt posjeti hrvatskim promatračima

The Library regularly visits Members of the European Parliament and their offices, to ensure they have access to the best information for their needs. Recently, we have been visiting the Croatian observers. The Croatian observers are special, as they are still Members of the Sabor, (the Croatian National Parliament), and need to be present in Zagreb … Continue reading

Sharing EP Library analytical work

In recent years Members of the European Parliament have requested more and more analytical information from the Library of the European Parliament. These information products are published on the EP intranet. Why? Because we primarily support the work of Members and the EP community (EP and political group staff). Since the development of a New … Continue reading

Grey Literature on European institutions

“Grey literature” What’s that? What on earth is grey literature? In the world of library and information science, it’s something not quite as dull as it sounds. Grey literature is a definition which has evolved to cover access to multiple document types that may be difficult to trace via conventional channels as they are not … Continue reading

Short introductions to databases for Members’ offices

We, the staff of the EP Library, often visit Members’ offices to give a short introduction to information sources, or our subscription databases and press agencies. Not long ago, I visited Sandra Rensfeldt, assistant to Swedish MEP, Anna Hedh, to show her the Mediearkivet Retriever database, which covers Swedish press and other Swedish news sources (coverage of Swedish press in general press … Continue reading

A gender-specific database on numbers of men and women in decision-making positions

Studies from various countries show that institutions / enterprises with a better balance of gender at top levels can deliver stronger organisational or financial performance. The existence of a business case is increasingly recognised and it has also been recently supported by the McKinsey study “Women Matter” (2012); the Lord Davies of Abresoch report “Women … Continue reading

Looking for EU-documents

As is well known, the Library of the European Parliament organizes various information sessions. One of these is the “EU Information Sources info session”. Its aim is to provide our clients with basic knowledge on EU information sources which are relevant, useful and interesting for their daily work in the European Parliament. At the end, … Continue reading

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