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EU trade with Latin America and the Caribbean: Overview and figures

This publication provides an overview of trade relations between the EU and Latin American and Caribbean countries and groupings. Continue reading

The second EU–CELAC Summit

Written by Elena Lazarou The second EU–CELAC Summit (eighth EU-LAC Summit) will be held in Brussels on 10 and 11 June under the theme ‘Shaping our common future: working for prosperous, cohesive and sustainable societies for our citizens’. As the main mechanism of bi-regional cooperation between the EU and the region, it will seek to … Continue reading

Peru: political parties

Written by Enrique Gomez Ramirez The situation regarding political parties in Peru cannot be understood outside the context of the Fujimori decade and its consequences. Despite having achieved good macroeconomic results, the APRA of former President Alán García and the PP of former President Alejandro Toledo lost electoral support, probably due to uneven redistribution of … Continue reading

EU-Latin America relations

During the past two decades, EU-Latin America relations have been shaped at biregional, sub-regional and country levels, with regular summits of the Heads of State or Government of the two regions as the main driver. Since 1999, the high-level political dialogue on topics of common interest pursued in the framework of the biregional strategic partnership has brought about a … Continue reading

Colombia: new momentum for peace?

In autumn 2012, Colombia’s government and the insurgent Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) started direct peace negotiations, in an attempt to put an end to the 50-year old conflict, which has had over 5 million victims to date (assassi­nations, kidnappings, displaced persons and refugees, etc.). Despite a history of failed negotiations with FARC, a … Continue reading

Commerce entre l’UE et l’Amérique latine: L’impact social de la libéralisation

Les années 2000 ont vu la prolifération spectaculaire des accords commerciaux entre l’Amérique latine et l’Union européenne (UE). Que ce soit sous forme d’accords d’association ou de simples accords de libre-échange, ces accords contribuent à la libéralisation des échanges avec l’Amérique latine, continent riche en ressources naturelles, mais confronté à des inégalités sociales marquées. Les … Continue reading

Brazil’s Belo Monte Dam project: Financial impact, indigenous peoples’ rights & the environment

Projet de barrage de Belo Monte, Brésil. Impact financier, droits des peuples autochtones & environnement Brazil is constructing the third largest hydroelectric power plant in the world. The Belo Monte Dam is being built in the state of Pará, Brazil. Its first commercial generation is expected to come on stream in 2015. When the full … Continue reading

Belo Monte Dam project: an outline

The Belo Monte Dam is a hydroelectric dam under construction in the state of Pará, Brazil. Upon completion, with a generating capacity of 11 233 Megawatts, it will be the third largest hydroelectric power plant in the world. The project faces widespread criticism on economic, environmental and social reasons. Commercial generation is expected to begin in … Continue reading

Labour rights in Colombia in the perspective of a Free Trade Agreement with the EU

The EU’s Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Colombia and Peru, on which the European Parliament is expected to vote in the coming months, is the subject of deep controversy. NGOs from both sides of the Atlantic question whether such an agreement should be concluded, because of the continued violation of human rights, especially in Colombia. … Continue reading

Cuba: a slow journey towards capitalism

Since Raúl Castro took power in Cuba in February 2008, there has been a slow but steady shift in Cuban politics. The younger brother of Fidel is trying to slowly pursue reforms opposed by many in the Partido Comunista de Cuba (PCC), the only legal political party. At a closed party conference held early this … Continue reading

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