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The challenges of copyright in the EU

Written by Ivana Katsarova Despite over a century of international harmonisation, copyright law remains essentially national law, even though some fundamental copyright norms are gradually converging. Today, copyright is regulated at international level mainly through the Bern Convention, the Universal Copyright Convention, and a series of other treaties administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization. … Continue reading

Mutual recognition of protection measures in civil matters

According to the Stockholm Programme, natural persons moving around the EU should have the same level of protection in all Member States (MS), within the common area of freedom, security and justice. The principle of mutual recognition has recently been applied to protection measures in criminal matters. The EP and Council are now asked to … Continue reading

Disenfranchisement of EU citizens

In some Member States (MS), citizens lose their electoral rights if they reside abroad. Conversely, MS do not generally provide any right to vote in national elections to non-nationals. Therefore, EU citizens resident in another MS often face exclusion from political life at national level in both their state of residence and their state of … Continue reading

Witness protection programmes. EU experiences in the international context

Witness testimony has critical value in investigating and prosecuting crime. For this reason many witnesses – in particular those who testify against organised crime – are intimidated and threatened. The state protects witnesses in various ways, sometimes going as far as to relocate them and give them new identity through participation in witness protection programmes … Continue reading

Land security and property rights in developing countries

Secure land rights are important for development and poverty reduction, this is a generally agreed point of view. There is also a need for appropriate policy instruments. This Keysource provides an overview on options for introducing property rights, which are currently being discussed. It addresses as well the phenomenon of “land grabbing”: large-scale acquisitions of farmland … Continue reading

EC Civil Justice aims to better inform road accident victims

The European Commission has launched a public consultation, which will run until 19 November 2012, on how to better inform victims of road accidents abroad about claims formalities. “Around 130 million Europeans have planned a holiday in another European Union country this year. Around three quarters of them will use a car or motorbike at … Continue reading

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