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Conference on ‘Federalism in Canada’ by Ms Sonia L’Heureux, Librarian of the Parliament of Canada

Wednesday 21 January at 18.00 Altiero Spinelli Building – EPRS Library Reading Room (ASP 05D) ‘Federalism has all along been a product of reason in politics … it is an attempt to find a rational compromise between the divergent interest-groups which history has thrown together; but it is a compromise based on the will of … Continue reading

Stažiranje kolegice iz Knjižnice Narodne skupštine

Milana Šteković, kolegica iz Knjižnice Narodne skupštine u Beogradu, boravila je u Bruxellesu u okviru “Pretpristupnog programa stažiranja za zaposlene u parlamentima zemalja Zapadnog Balkana“, koji je pokrenut 2012. godine. S obzirom na to da u Narodnoj skupštini radi kao istraživač u Knjižnici, upravo je Knjižnica Europskog parlamenta bila služba domaćin tijekom njenog posjeta. Bila … Continue reading

What about an EP Think Tank?

The European Parliament Library blog becomes the European Parliamentary Research Service blog The holiday season is traditionally the time for peaceful reflection and hopes for the future. This year, things are a bit more exciting for us, as the season brings some significant changes. The European Parliament is establishing a European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) … Continue reading

Knjižnica Europskog parlamenta u Bruxellesu izbliza

This article was first published in HKD Novosti, Hrvatsko knjižničarsko društvo, Number 60, September 2013, ISSN 1333-9575 Rad Europskog parlamenta (EP) nezamisliv je bez snažne informacijske podrške, a Knjižnica EP-a najznačajniji je (iako ne jedini) osiguravatelj relevantnih informacija koje čine preduvjet kvalitetnog zakonodavnog procesa. Iako je potreba za informacijama oduvijek bila svojstvena parlamentima nije uvijek bila … Continue reading

Parliamentary research and the plurality of information sources available to MPs

Parliamentary research and information services (PRIS) come with very different backgrounds, traditions, budgets and sizes. In terms of providing information and research to Members, all face substantial competition from other suppliers of information such as interest groups, civil society organisations, “think tanks” and the executive branch itself. In order to maintain and strengthen their role … Continue reading

Sharing EP Library analytical work

In recent years Members of the European Parliament have requested more and more analytical information from the Library of the European Parliament. These information products are published on the EP intranet. Why? Because we primarily support the work of Members and the EP community (EP and political group staff). Since the development of a New … Continue reading

Grey Literature on European institutions

“Grey literature” What’s that? What on earth is grey literature? In the world of library and information science, it’s something not quite as dull as it sounds. Grey literature is a definition which has evolved to cover access to multiple document types that may be difficult to trace via conventional channels as they are not … Continue reading

Growing up under siege: “War Childhood” by Jasminko Halilović

By MEP Doris Gisela Pack (DE/EPP) What was it like to grow up in a Sarajevo under siege? Now that we are some years on from the terrible events of the early nineties, I thought it was time for some reflection. In cooperation with Mr Dino Elezović of the Sarajevo Canton – Regional Representation in … Continue reading

Are you user-experienced? A UX design phase for the Library’s new website project

When asked about my job I normally say that I work as a website manager for the Library of the European Parliament. If I am lucky I get these two follow-up questions: “Oh, are you one of those few female programmers?” Me: “No.” “Ah, yes, a graphic designer, then?” Again, “no.” To turn an awkward … Continue reading

The website redesign project – A first focus on Library clients

2013 starts with a bang for the EP Library’s Online Services team. We have just launched a “Library Online 2014 Project” to redesign the Library website for the next Parliament, and provide an improved and simpler online experience, in view to increase the value of our services to Members. As such we want to reach … Continue reading

Briefing authors go out to meet Members…

Where can you find the highest concentration of MEPs? At a plenary session, of course. So for one week only, the Library has set up a stand just across from the hemicycle, so that Members can meet some briefings authors, tell them know what they think of Library briefings and how we could make them … Continue reading

A Luxembourg, la Bibliothèque du PE est ouverte au public

Saviez-vous qu’à Luxembourg, la Bibliothèque du Parlement européen est maintenant accessible à tout citoyen qui voudrait l’utiliser ? N’hésitez pas à venir la découvrir : bus : arrêts “Philharmonie/MUDAM” (1, 16) ou “BEI/EIB” (18) Bibliothèque du Parlement européen Batiment Robert Schuman Place de l’Europe L-2929 Luxembourg Lundi-jeudi : 9:30-17:30 Vendredi: 9:30-12:30 (9:30-17:00 les vendredis précédant les … Continue reading

The search for value – part three

One mystery is why clients fail to see the value of library services. Objectively, libraries might deliver high-quality information that precisely meets user needs. Subjectively, the services are often under-valued. Sometimes they are under-used. We discovered some concepts which helped us understand this. As producers we see our services/products in terms of absolute value, whereas … Continue reading

Library stand on 6 September in Luxembourg

We did it again! We organised a library stand in one of the European Parliament’s buildings in Luxembourg. Since EP buildings are spread over the city of Luxembourg we regularly go where our colleagues work and present the Library’s collection and services there. To complete the picture the interinstitutional Leisure Library and the Learning Center … Continue reading

The search for value – part two

Last time I introduced the work we are doing on ‘value’. It has been surprisingly difficult – we found no direct role models and no ready-made answers. So we have had to do quite a lot of reading, thinking and discussion. In this series of posts I hope to engage you in this still-open process, and would … Continue reading

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