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Briefing authors go out to meet Members…

Where can you find the highest concentration of MEPs? At a plenary session, of course. So for one week only,…

Library stand in Strasbourg 1Where can you find the highest concentration of MEPs? At a plenary session, of course. So for one week only, the Library has set up a stand just across from the hemicycle, so that Members can meet some briefings authors, tell them know what they think of Library briefings and how we could make them even better.

Library stand in Strasbourg 3But Members going past are in a hurry, focused on other things… on the phone, talking with colleagues, thinking about their next meeting, or maybe their stomachs are calling for supplies. It’s not so easy to attract them to our small stand, when all we have is a selection of briefings and a few posters. Especially when we are competing with the corporate glitz and free-flowing cocktails of the shale gas stand along the corridor.

EP V-P Alexander Alvaro (DE/ALDE) at the Library stand
EP V-P Alexander Alvaro (DE/ALDE) at the Library stand

Soon we find an ally… the lifts beside our stand. Surely Members wish they came more quickly! We move in to catch their eye while they wait for the lifts, offer them a plenary briefing on a topic for today’s agenda, or show them our statistical products. Some of them glance at the video, recognising the vice-president promoting the Library.

Members who know our products are very encouraging. They like our briefings, find them useful… Even those who don’t have time to stop tell us they appreciate our services. And they want to see more. Some want to see more briefings in French… well, they need only ask. Members can choose the language when they request a briefing. 

Of course it’s great to hear such messages direct from Members. But we also want to reach other Members, those that don’t know the Library well, or who don’t know our briefings service. Do they know they can ask us for a briefing on any subject they like?

Library stand in Strasbourg 6Many are interested in our infographics – with a colourful two-metre high version by the stand, it’s not hard to see why! Even some who know the Library well want to know more about our statistical products.

So after a couple of days, more Members know about the Library’s services. But the main message we’ve received is that our briefings service is appreciated by Members.

If you’re in Strasbourg, you still have time to visit us until Thursday morning, in the Louise Weiss building, first floor.

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