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What if we could fight coronavirus by pooling computing power?

Prioritising ethical principles in the governance of disruptive technologies

BLOG, Events 7 months ago

Principled governance of online platforms to safeguard social and labour rights

What if consumers could use devices to sequence DNA? [Science and Technology podcast]

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Can online platforms have a net positive effect on the economy and society?

BLOG 9 months ago

When are online platforms liable for illegal or harmful content?

BLOG 10 months ago

Work in the era of AI: Time for a Digital Social Contract

BLOG, Events 11 months ago

Surveillance capitalism and Europe’s moral duty to shape a human-centric digital future

BLOG, Events 11 months ago

Digital revolution and legal evolution: Athens Roundtable on the Rule of Law and Artificial Intelligence

What if blockchain could guarantee ethical AI? [Science and Technology podcast]

What if AI could improve thermal imaging, to help fight coronavirus? [Science and Technology podcast]

What if artificial intelligence in medical imaging could accelerate Covid-19 treatment?

BLOG 12 months ago

Workplace monitoring in the era of artificial intelligence

What if AI-powered passenger locator forms could help stop the spread of Covid-19?

BLOG, Events 1 year ago

Digital human rights and the future of democracy: Lessons from the pandemic

BLOG 1 year ago

Mapping the AI ethics initiatives terrain

BLOG 1 year ago

Digital contact tracing: Call for a stronger EU-wide approach

BLOG 1 year ago

GDPR and AI: making sense of a complex relationship

BLOG 1 year ago

Artificial intelligence: From ethics to policy

BLOG, Events 2 years ago

STOA meets experts on coronavirus: Challenges, opportunities and the way forward

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