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Gender pay gap

Written by Cristina Cardarelli and Ulla Jurviste, Despite consistent efforts over decades across Europe, according to recent studies today women are still paid on average 16% less than men per hour of work. The gender pay gap (GPG) is the difference between men’s and women’s pay, expressed as a percentage of male earnings. It is … Continue reading

Does economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa reduce poverty?

According to the World Bank’s latest issue of “African Pulse”, its semi-annual economic development report, Sub-Saharan Africa’s economies continue to grow and are predicted strong medium-term prospects. However, the last decade’s strong economic growth has failed to reduce mass poverty in this region, due to dependence on the export of natural resources and rising inequality. Sub … Continue reading

European women and the crisis (1 page)

6 language versions available in PDF format Frauen in Europa und die Krise Las mujeres europeas y la crisis Les femmes européennes et la crise Le donne europee e la crisi Wpływ kryzysu na sytuację kobiet w Europie European women and the crisis Whilst contracting output in male-dominated sectors prompted some analysts to talk of … Continue reading

The “Glass Ceiling” : Women in management positions in public and private sector and in politics

Updated on 29 November 2013 Across the EU, women are still largely outnumbered by men in positions of responsibility. Women remain substantially under-represented in senior positions, particularly at the highest levels, whether in politics,  business or administration. For example, in the EU Member States, women represent around 27% of members of parliament and government ministers. And although major progress has been made over … Continue reading

Gender aspects of the crisis

The current economic downturn and financial and budgetary crisis has an impact on the situation of both women and men in the labour market, on their living conditions, on income, etc. They also affect gender equality policies, as economic crises are deeply gendered. Academics have questioned whether women are more vulnerable to the effects of the crises … Continue reading

European women and the crisis

Labour markets across the European Union (EU) were severely impacted by the recession with a record high average unemployment rate of 10.7%. Nevertheless, effects of the crisis differ across Member States (MS) and also present different pictures for men and women. The crisis has been repeatedly considered “male-dominated” as men’s unemployment figures rose more dramatically … Continue reading

Écart de rémunération entre femmes et hommes: Vers un réexamen de la législation de l’UE?

Un écart de rémunération entre les femmes et les hommes pour un même travail ou pour un «travail de même valeur» persiste partout en Europe. En dépit des efforts déployés, les avancées vers l’élimination de cet écart apparaissent très lentes, le problème tendant même à s’aggraver dans certains États membres (p. ex. au Portugal et … Continue reading

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