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The Janus-faced fiscal-monetary policy mix [Ten issues to watch in 2023]

Heading towards the 2024 European elections [Ten issues to watch in 2023]

Budgeting in times of crises and war [Ten issues to watch in 2023]

Preventing radicalisation in the European Union: How EU policy has evolved

BLOG 4 months ago

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 2022 ­– Crises and EU action

BLOG 4 months ago

US mid-term elections: What to expect?

BLOG 6 months ago

European Parliament plenary session – October I, 2022

Energy saving and demand reduction

European health data space [EU Legislation in Progress]

Mapping threats to peace and democracy worldwide: Normandy Index 2022

Small farms’ role in the EU food system [Policy Podcast]

Solar energy in the EU [Policy Podcast]

Peace and Security in 2022: Overview of EU action and outlook for the future

Russia’s war on Ukraine: Timeline of cyber-attacks

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

Path to the digital decade programme [EU Legislation in Progress]

Ecodesign for sustainable products [EU Legislation in Progress]

EU secure connectivity programme 2023-2027: Building a multi-orbital satellite constellation [EU Legislation in Progress]

Future Shocks 2022: Safeguarding EU and global food security

Corporate sustainability due diligence: Could value chains integrate human rights and environmental concerns? [EU Legislation in Progress]

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