Support for TTIP in EU Member States

Support for the TTIP negotiations varies greatly across EU countries (see figure 2 below).
Germany and Austria see lowest public support for TTIP, where the political debate is focused on data protection, ISDS and regulatory cooperation (in particular with respect to food-safety regulations).The draft recommendations adopted by the INTA Committee on 28 May 2015 reflect these political sensitivities and differ substantially in tone from the Parliament’s Recommendations of May 2013. They indicate precise directions in which the institution would like to see future negotiations go. In particular, they give the opportunity to the Commission to submit further reforms on the ISDS mechanism and call for it to present a proposal for a permanent resolution mechanism. However, some MEPs remain of the idea that ISDS should remain out of the final TTIP agreement. Following the large number of amendments submitted to the draft recommendations, the discussion and vote in plenary, scheduled for 10 June, was postponed and the draft recommendations will now revert to INTA.