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Tackling Europe’s migration pressure

Citizens writing to the European Parliament expressed grief about the fate of migrants who risk their lives to reach Europe,…

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Citizens writing to the European Parliament expressed grief about the fate of migrants who risk their lives to reach Europe, voiced their support for action to be taken in order to prevent further loss of lives, and urged the EU to tackle the growing migration pressure on EU Member States.

Immigration rules are not the same in every EU country. For example, all final decisions on migrant applications or on rules on long-term visas (stays for periods longer than three months), are taken at Member State level.

Tackling Europe's migration pressure
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In light of the shortcomings of this patchwork of 28 different national systems, the European Parliament has repeatedly pointed to the need for a holistic EU approach to migration. It has also called on numerous occasions upon the EU and the Member States to do everything possible to prevent further loss of life at sea, e.g. by expanding the mandate of the “Triton” operation in the Mediterranean, as stated for example in the European Parliament resolution of 29 April 2015 on the latest tragedies in the Mediterranean. MEPs also called for a binding quota for distributing asylum seekers among all EU countries, bigger contributions to resettlement programmes, better cooperation with third countries and tougher measures against human traffickers. More information is available in this press release.

In July 2015, the Parliament approved an extra 69.6 million Euro for extra staff and other expenses for three EU agencies managing migration flows into the EU and two EU funds for migration measures, as explained in this press release of 7 July 2015.

Based on the Parliament resolution of 17 December 2014 on the situation in the Mediterranean, the European Parliament Civil Liberties Committee is currently working on a strategic own-initiative report that should provide the plenary before the end of 2015 a set of recommendations regarding the situation in the Mediterranean and a holistic EU approach to migration. The procedure file contains detailed information on the status of this report.

European Agenda on Migration

In view of the dramatic situation in the Mediterranean, the heads of state or government decided at the special meeting of the European Council on 23 April 2015 to strengthen the EU presence at sea, to fight human traffickers, to prevent illegal migration flows and to reinforce internal solidarity and responsibility.

In reaction to the requests from the Parliament and the Council, on 13 May 2015 the European Commission presented a European Agenda on Migration. On 27 May 2015, the European Commission adopted first proposals for several concrete measures to respond to the current migration challenges.

The Heads of State or Government of the EU Member States discussed these proposals at its mid-June summit focusing on three key dimensions — relocation/resettlement, return/readmission/reintegration and cooperation with countries of origin and transit. Further details are available in the conclusions of the European Council of 25 and 26 June 2015.

Further information

The European Parliament has published analyses on migration and fact sheets about immigration policy, management of the external borders, asylum policy and humanitarian aid. Further information is available on the European Commission webpage on migration and home affairs, on the European Commission webpage ‘Towards a European agenda on Migration‘ and on the website of Frontex, the European External Borders Agency.

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  • Lancio un appello ai tutti Voi politici.
    Diciamo Stop all’immigrazione maschile.
    Si all’accoglienza di donne e bambini.
    Gli uomini immigrati hanno il dovere di rimanere nelle loro terre a difendere e sostenere i diritti di civiltà, i nostri governanti hanno il dovere di sostenere questa causa.
    Basta a falsi miti.
    Gli uomini devono fare gli uomini immigrati e non.
    Difendiamo e sosteniamo donne (e bambini) che spesso vengono trucidate violentate uccise, indifese, perché abbandonate nelle loro terre “da questi pseudo-uomini” che noi accogliamo e accudiamo con tanto affetto! E le donne e i bambini abbandonati??? Perchè non hanno il diritto delle stesse attenzioni!!!
    In realtà non dobbiamo sottovalutare il fatto che molto spesso ci troviamo di fronte a uomini SENZA SCRUPOLI che per salvare la propria pelle hanno vigliaccamente abbandonato terra, famiglie, donne e bambini! -Allora mi domando, ma un cittadino europeo farebbe mai un’azione così meschina???-

    A mio avviso questi uomini/immigrati (che meglio definirei fuggitivi), una volta giunti in Europa, dovrebbero essere curati, nutriti addestrati e rimandati nella loro terra pronti a difendere i propri diritti a vantaggio della collettività globale (famiglie abbandonate comprese)!
    Pertanto invito i tutti rappresentanti politici a sostenere questo!
    Basta sperpero di soldi pubblici! Inoltre è evidente a tutti che l’attuale gestione dell’immigrazione clandestina sta portando all’induzione al razzismo anche da chi razzista non lo è!
    Aiutiamo a rendere gli immigrati uomini migliori……..uomini utili a se stessi e sopratutto al popolo che vigliaccamente hanno abbandonato! Non rendiamoli bersagli mediatici….ma rendiamoli degli Eroi! Questa è l’Europa che vorrei.

  • le parlement palabre et palabre encore et encore tandis que des personnes meurent dans l’indifférence générale des pays et des peuples européens, à part quelques trop rares pays, comme la Grèce et l’Italie qui ne sont pas aidé par les autres pays. J’ai honte pour l’Europe, qui reste fermé, close et qui érige des murs à ces frontières alors que le droit à pourvoir circuler est un droit indéniable international !
    Que font donc les députés européens ? Ils sont en partis en vacances, en juillet et août !
    C’est non assistance en personne en danger pour tous ces migrants, que nous, occidentaux, avons mis sur cette mer Méditerranée en refusant d’aider des Lybiens, des Erythriens, des Soudanais, et de tant d’autres, en regardant de l’autre côté et en refusant tous les droits qui ont été ratifiés dans diverses Conventions internationales (Genève, etc…) Et rien ne se passe. Si j’oubliais, une commission devrait se réunir mi-octobre 2015 pour discuter, encore, pour savoir ce que les élus européens pensent faire de “ces” migrants : Les laisser mourir, les renvoyer se faire tuer dans leurs pays, ériger des murs plus haut et plus longs mais RIEN d’HUMAIN….
    J’ai mal à MON EUROPE !

  • There is neither enougy space nore enough ressources to let all refugees come to europe. Therefore the so called “western civilization” must stop producing refugees by destabilizing their home countries. Think about it!

  • Not once you use the word “refugee”, although most of them are. This is the misunderstanding of the european institutions. and it is a shame. a real shame. this kind of Europe will die, it will drown in front of Lampedusa. Shame on you

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