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Future Shocks 2023: Anticipating and weathering the next storms [Policy podcast]

Future Shocks 2023: Defending the EU’s democratic information sphere [Policy podcast]

Future Shocks 2023: Delivering economic recovery and resilience

Future Shocks 2023: De-risking Europe’s global critical supply chains [Policy podcast]

Future Shocks 2023: Managing antimicrobial-resistant infections

Future Shocks 2023: Safeguarding our natural capital

Future Shocks 2023: Securing energy supply in Europe

Future Shocks 2023: Responding to the instrumentalisation of migration

Future Shocks 2023: Reinforcing the resilience and long-term coordination of EU internet infrastructure

Future Shocks 2023: Forging new partnerships in a polarised world [Policy podcast]

Future Shocks 2023: Strengthening European defence capabilities for a future European security architecture

EU strategic autonomy: Four energy crisis challenges

Confiscating Russian sovereign assets to fund Ukraine’s reconstruction: Mission impossible?

Securing the EU’s supply of critical raw materials

Making solar a source of EU energy security

Strengthening EU chip capabilities

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Sustainable energies and strategic autonomy: The race for solar technologies

Urban farming: A gateway to greater food security?

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Foresight Club on Urban Farming

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2020 ESPAS Conference – Thinking about the Future: Europe’s Road to 2030

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