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The role of the European Council in negotiating the 2021-27 MFF


The Twitter activity of members of the European Council

Ten issues to watch in 2021

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Adoption of the European Union’s 2021 Budget

Parliament’s consent to the 2021-2027 MFF

EU financing for 2021-2027: Political agreement on the 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), the Next Generation EU (NGEU) recovery instrument and new own resources

Plenary round-up – November II 2020

InvestEU programme: The EU’s new investment support scheme [EU Legislation in Progress]


Outcome of the European Council video-conference of 19 November 2020

Technical Support Instrument [EU Legislation in Progress]

Understanding the financing of intergovernmental organisations: A snapshot of the budgets of the UN, NATO and WTO [Policy Podcast]

Solvency Support Instrument [EU Legislation in Progress]

BLOG 3 years ago

European Parliament Plenary Session – October I 2020

EU budget and recovery fund: Is it a done deal? [What Think Tanks are thinking]


Outcome of the Special European Council meeting of 17-21 July 2020

Future financing of the Union: MFF, Own Resources and Next Generation EU


Outlook for the special European Council meeting of 17-18 July 2020

Next Generation EU: A European instrument to counter the impact of the coronavirus pandemic

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