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What if cars became crucial for the energy grid? [Science and Technology Podcast]

Written by Lieve Van Woensel with Brian Kelly, Smart transportation is widely seen as creating a world in which the vehicles of the future have the ability to make decisions without human input. But in addition, car batteries can serve as an electricity storage mechanism, supporting stabilisation of the electricity grid through vehicle-to-grid technology. Smart … Continue reading

Automated vehicles in the EU

Written by Susanne Pillath Automated vehicle technologies allow the transfer of driving functions from a human driver to a computer. Automation, and in particular digitalisation, of driving will change road transport in a way which is viewed as a revolution in the field of mobility. As human error is the main reason for road traffic … Continue reading

Reducing CO2 emissions from new cars

Parliament and Council reached a first reading agreement on CO2 emission targets for new passenger cars in November 2013. The agreed text specifies modalities for reaching a CO2 emissions target of 95 g/km by the end of 2020. It allows for flexibility in the use of so called super-credits, which encourage production of cars with … Continue reading

EU car industry

This document aims to provide a picture of the EU car industry, in particular by looking at car production trends since 2000, at the number of enterprises and the turnover they generated in 2011, and at certain specific developments in the years 2008 to 2011. We learn that the sector employs more than 2 million … Continue reading

A picture of the EU car industry

French language version available in PDF format L’industrie automobile européenne 2012 was a tough year for the EU car industry. The chief of one major car-maker said that the industry as a whole probably lost €5 billion in Europe in 2012 and that a solution had to be found to achieve profits. The perennial problem … Continue reading

New power for road transport: more please!

On 29 January QED hosted a conference in Brussels on “electrifying road transport”. Electrifying road transport is a clear goal from the European Commission and the car industry has accepted it as one possible solution. Different manufacturers have already developed cars. Yet we still see very few electric cars on the road (one participant spoke … Continue reading

A fair deal for cars: What do cars really cost us? Who pays for those costs?

On 6 December 2012 the Greens Group of the European Parliament hosted a conference on the external costs of road transport (cars in particular). At the same occasion a study conducted by the Technical University of Dresden (Germany) was presented. The cost of (not)-owning a car Three percent of European Union GDP is said to be taken … Continue reading

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