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Consumer Protection Cooperation [EU Legislation in Progress]

The Commission estimates that the detriment to consumers caused by non-compliance with basic EU consumer rules in certain cross-border online markets and also by inefficient cross-border enforcement amounts to €770 million per year.
To remedy this, the Commission has presented a legislative proposal to review the existing rules on consumer protection cooperation between enforcement authorities as part of its e-commerce package in May 2016. Continue reading

The Cost of Non-Europe in the Single Market. Part V – Consumer Acquis

Cost of Non-Europe Reports identify the possibilities for economic or other gains and/or the realisation of a ‘public good’ through common action at EU level in specific policy areas and sectors. This Cost of Non-Europe Report seeks to analyse the costs for citizens, businesses and relevant stake-holders of remaining gaps and barriers in the European … Continue reading

Consumer programme 2014-20

6 language versions available in PDF format Verbraucherprogramm 2014–2020 Programa de Consumidores 2014-2020 Le programme “Consommateurs” 2014-2020 Programma per la tutela dei consumatori 2014-2020 Program ochrony konsumentów na lata 2014-2020 Consumer programme 2014-20 The consumer programme finances actions in the area of EU consumer policy. These aim to create the conditions necessary for EU citizens … Continue reading

European small claims procedure: An opportunity for enhancing cross-border enforcement

Legislatures in some EU Member States (MS) have introduced special, simplified and accelerated tracks for small claims in legally uncomplicated cases. Those procedures vary both as regards the threshold and level of simplification. The Treaty of Amsterdam gave the EU powers to harmonise civil procedure. As part of that mandate, the EU has adopted a … Continue reading

Indication of origin marking on products

Non-food products imported into the EU currently require no labelling or marking of the country from which they originate. The European Commission (EC) recently withdraw a 2005 proposal which would have introduced country of origin marking of certain goods imported from third countries. The EC argued then that it could be incompatible with binding WTO … Continue reading

The notion of ‘consumer’ in EU law

The notion of ‘consumer’ is a key concept de­limiting the application of consumer-pro­tection rules. However, not only is there no con­sis­tent and uniform definition in EU law, there are also divergences amongst the Member States. Background The notion of consumer stems from economics and sociology. Nevertheless, it has developed an autonomous meaning in the legal … Continue reading

Market surveillance and product safety

Safety is a key principle of EU legislation, in particular for products.Making sure that economic actors abide by safety standards is a function of market surveillance. This aims to ensure that products circulating in the single market are compliant with the applicable requirements, in particular those for safety.Strong and effective market surveillance feeds consumers’ confidence … Continue reading

Improving the accessibility of public sector bodies’ websites

Updated on 28 October 2013 Web-accessibility refers to principles and techniques to be followed when constructing websites so that online content is accessible to all users, in particular those with disabilities. Despite the fact that many national authorities in Europe are committed to the accessibility of public websites and most Member States have introduced guidelines … Continue reading

Achats dans l’UE: faciliter le règlement des litiges

6 language versions available in PDF format Einkäufe in der EU: Erleichterung der Streitbeilegung Purchasing in the EU: Making it easier to resolve disputes Consumo en la UE: hacia una solución de litigios más sencilla Acquisti nell’UE: agevolare la composizione delle controversie Zakupy w UE: ułatwienie rozstrzygania sporów Achats dans l’UE: faciliter le règlement des … Continue reading

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