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Nuclear energy in the European Union

EU Energy Platform: Facilitating joint purchases of gas

What if we could make nuclear fusion work? [Science and Technology Podcast]

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Energy prices

What if open strategic autonomy could break the cycle of recurring crises? [Science and Technology Podcast]


Outcome of the European Political Community meeting in Bulboaca, Moldova, on 1 June 2023

EU strategic autonomy: Four energy crisis challenges

Improving the design of the EU electricity market [EU Legislation in Progress]

EU rules for renewable hydrogen: Delegated regulations on a methodology for renewable fuels of non-biological origin [Policy podcast]

The EU’s global approach to research and innovation

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European Parliament Plenary Session – March I, 2023

Reforming the EU electricity market [Policy podcast]

What if increased energy storage could help fix climate change? [Science and Technology Podcast]

EU energy security and the war in Ukraine: From sprint to marathon

The EU’s energy markets [What Think Tanks are thinking]

EU-US climate and energy relations in light of the Inflation Reduction Act


‘This is Europe’ debate in the European Parliament: Speech by Robert Golob, Prime Minister of Slovenia, on 13 December 2022

2022: The year that shook the world [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Monitoring the energy situation in the EU: December 2022


Outlook for the European Council meeting of 15 December 2022

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