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Outlook for the European Council meeting of 21-22 October 2021

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What if we could fight coronavirus by pooling computing power?

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EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement: An analytical overview

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Key issues in the European Council: State of play in October 2020

Towards a revision of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive

Ten issues to watch in 2020

What if hydrogen could help decarbonise transport? [Science and Technology podcast]

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Promotion of renewable energy in the EU after 2020 [European Parliament impact 2014-2019]

What if policy anticipated advances in science and technology? [Science and Technology podcast]

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Living in the EU

What if we let consumer electricity prices fluctuate? [Science and Technology Podcast]

Connecting Europe Facility 2021-2027: Financing key EU infrastructure networks [EU Legislation in Progress]

High-level conference on clean energy financing [Topical Digest]

New rules on security of gas supply [EU Legislation in Progress]

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Financing clean energy: High-level conference in the European Parliament today

Intergovernmental agreements in the field of energy [EU legislation in progress]

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