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Visit the Jean Monnet House

The political impact of the European Parliament in the 1980s

The European Union at 60 [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Impact of the ECSC Common Assembly on the politics, negotiation and content of the Rome Treaties

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1976 Electoral Act 40 years on: History and significance for European democracy today

Places in Brussels of symbolic significance for Europe

The role of Altiero Spinelli on the path towards European Union

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Happy Birthday European Union: Europe Day, 9 May

The 1995 enlargement of the European Union: The accession of Finland and Sweden

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The Historical Archives: European Union history and European Parliament history

History of budgetary powers in the EU. Part I: European Coal and Steel Community 1952-2002

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One Hundred Books on Europe to Remember

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Historical Archives of the European Parliament

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The first hemicycle of the European Parliament

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Blue and 12 stars. The European Flag

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Les archives historiques du Président Plumb

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L’élection de Simone Veil

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Direct European Elections : The history of the right to vote

Elections Week

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Launch of 100 Books website

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