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Launch of 100 Books website

The next European elections are moving up fast on our agendas. We also have the commemoration this year of the centenary of the 1914-18 war. It seems timely, therefore, to reflect on the historical context of the European project. Perhaps in taking inspiration from the very best of the great thinkers on Europe of the past, we can create a better future for all Europeans. Our latest project taps into this zeitgeist: a new dedicated website, presenting a selection of the 100 Books on Europe to Remember.

Launch of 100 Books website

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The selection of works was carried out by the office of the European Parliament’s Secretary General, in agreement with the President of the EP, with the aim of presenting an overview of the books that could be considered as landmarks in a European Union historical context. The website comprises academic, intellectual and political works on the European idea and the development of the European integration process. It makes available to the public material which takes into account the vast geographical, linguistic and intellectual spectrum of ideas.

Containing books, articles and speeches, the collection dates right back to the famous “Memorandum Briand” of 1930, and forward to more modern publications from academics from the latest Member States to join the European Union. A quick perusal of the summaries reveals a wealth of ideas on how Europe should develop. The ideas within most of the works were the impetus for the incremental development of the direction in which Europe is moving today. Others, on the contrary, illustrate roads which Europe declined to take.

So whether you are an MEP, a student of history or international relations, or simply an interested citizen of Europe, we hope you will enjoy browsing our collection of the 100 Books on Europe to Remember.


4 thoughts on “Launch of 100 Books website

  1. I have tried 100 books on Europe site, but no Croatian language books to choose from – certainly there are some of importance to our common European cause ??

    Posted by Tihana Fabijanic | April 2, 2014, 17:37
    • The 100 Books are a selection and as such therefore not exhaustive. The idea was not to have x number of books from each country but a variety of books covering all aspects of EU history.

      Posted by EPRSAdmin | April 3, 2014, 09:30


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