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Plenary round-up – March I 2023


‘This is Europe’ debate in the European Parliament: Speech by Gitanas Nausėda, President of Lithuania, 14 March 2023

Nigeria: Economic indicators and trade with EU

Food security in 2023: EU response to an evolving crisis

Chinese strategic interests in European ports

One year of temporary protection for people displaced from Ukraine

What if increased energy storage could help fix climate change?

President Biden’s 2023 State of the Union address

Plenary round-up – February II 2023

Russia-Belarus military cooperation

The third joint EU-NATO declaration

What if we grew plants vertically? [Science and Technology Podcast]

Climate impact of the EU agrifood system

60 years of Van Gend & Loos: Direct effect of EU law and a ‘new legal order’

Sanctions on the Russian digital sector: How effective are they?

World Cancer Day 2023

Plenary round-up – February I 2023

Russia’s war on Ukraine: Western-made tanks for Ukraine

Australia and New Zealand: Economic indicators and trade with EU

Plenary round-up – January I 2023

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