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Proposal amending the Solvency II Directive [EU Legislation in Progress]

Insurance recovery and resolution directive [EU Legislation in Progress]

Amendments to the Capital Requirements Regulation in the area of resolution (‘daisy chain’ proposal) [EU Legislation in Progress]

Markets in crypto-assets (MiCA) [EU Legislation in Progress]

Anti-money-laundering authority (AMLA): Countering money laundering and the financing of terrorism [EU Legislation in Progress]

Amendments to MiFID II and MiFIR: The EU’s markets in financial instruments [EU Legislation in Progress]

The return of inflation [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Russia’s war on Ukraine: Cutting certain Russian banks off from SWIFT

Ten issues to watch in 2022

What if the internet failed? [Science and Technology podcast]

What if blockchain could guarantee ethical AI? [Science and Technology podcast]

Amending securitisation requirements for the impact of coronavirus [EU Legislation in Progress]

Slowing down or changing track? Understanding the dynamics of ‘Slowbalisation’

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Key issues in the European Council: State of play in October 2020

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Plenary round-up – Strasbourg,
 March II 2019

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