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Health and sport [European Youth Event 2023]

Ethical issues in the Covid-19 pandemic: Digital health applications

Ask EP By

Citizens’ enquiries on sexual and reproductive health and rights in the European Union

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Beijing +25: Spotlight on young women and girls

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Living in the EU

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How gene-drive technology could help eradicate malaria

Wine consumers [What Europe does for you]

Weight-loss dieters [What Europe does for you]

Diabetes sufferers [What Europe does for you]

Transplant patients [What Europe does for you]

Cosmetics users [What Europe does for you]

People with food allergies [What Europe does for you]

People with rare diseases [What Europe does for you]

Cancer patients [What Europe does for you]

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How the EU is helping people living with HIV/AIDS [What Europe does for you]

Public opinion and EU action on social protection: exploring the expectations gap

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How can more investment in health help the developing world?

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Does organic mean healthier?

Can processed and red meat cause cancer? The World Health Organization’s classification raises concerns

Personalised medicine: The right treatment for the right person at the right time

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