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Initial Appraisals produced by the Ex-Ante Impact Assessment Unit in the period from July 2013 to June 2014


European Arrest Warrant (EAW)

Justice and home affairs after the Stockholm Programme

Freedom of movement and residence of EU citizens : Access to social benefits

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The first hemicycle of the European Parliament

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Blue and 12 stars. The European Flag

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Les archives historiques du Président Plumb

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L’élection de Simone Veil

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Direct European Elections : The history of the right to vote

Elections Week

VAT on financial and insurance services

Voting makes a difference – but for whom to vote?

The problem of human trafficking in the European Union

Judicial review of EU sanctions

The EU Own Resources

The European Parliament 2009-14 : Five years’ work in figures

Frontex and surveillance of the EU’s external sea borders

Own resources of the European Union

In focus – European Elections 2014


Net neutrality in Europe

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