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Radicalisation, extremism and terrorism: Words matter

Written by Marc Hall, in cooperation with Patryk Pawlak and Clare Ferguson, Terrorism is considered a serious threat to internal security by European governments, particularly in light of the attacks in Paris and Brussels. It is also one of the policy areas where a large majority of citizens would like to see more European involvement. … Continue reading

Energy efficiency in buildings

Written by Marc Hall, in cooperation with Clare Ferguson, Improving the energy efficiency of one’s home can greatly reduce energy bills. Energy efficiency investments, such as improved insulation in the walls and windows, the use of smart meters that regulate energy usage and systems that redirect energy (such as for cooking) to other uses, can … Continue reading

Fertilisers in the EU: Uneven terrain

Written by Marc Hall in cooperation with Didier Bourguignon, European agriculture is in the midst of a crisis, with low prices and import bans by Russia putting farmers under pressure. The price of inputs is also increasing, among them fertilisers, organic or synthesised compounds that provide nutrients to plants. Fertilisers, particularly inorganic varieties, are widely … Continue reading

Water: An increasingly scarce resource

Written by Marc Hall, Water is a vital resource underpinning all economic activity. On 19-20 April 2016, the Global Water Summit takes place, a meeting aimed at bringing together representatives from business, utilities and government to discuss challenges in the provision of water. According to the Summit organisers, water is intrinsically connected to the economy, … Continue reading

European Union relations with Africa

Written by Marc Hall with Clare Ferguson, EU-Africa relations, based on the Cotonou Agreement and the 2007 Joint Africa-EU Strategy, are centred on the promotion of peace and security on the continent. Activities include dialogue on policies including human rights issues such as women’s empowerment, decent work and social protection, the position of LGBT people, … Continue reading

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