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What if Libra disrupted the financial system? [Science and Technology podcast]

As of 2020, Facebook’s cryptocurrency project Libra promises to connect everybody to the global, digital world of banking. The introduction of a privately governed currency could fundamentally challenge the current EU financial framework, conflict with EU law and tax requirements, and violate consumer rights. Continue reading

Bank account holders [What Europe does for you]

Bank accounts are an essential part of everyday life, allowing us to manage our money, shop online, and pay bills. Continue reading

Interchange fees for card-based payment transactions

Written by Cécile Remeur Card-based payments have a growing share of retail payments, as do non-cash payments in both e-commerce and traditional commerce. There are different types of cards, according to their characteristics (debit and credit) and their holders (consumer and commercial). Card schemes are set up as four-party or three-party schemes providing a framework for … Continue reading

Bitcoin: Market, economics and regulation

Bitcoin is a digital currency which started circulating in 2009. It was the first form of virtual money to become relatively popular. Bitcoin is public in nature as it maintains a log of all transactions. These are verified by its users in a process called mining. The extent of computing power and energy needed to … Continue reading

Services bancaires de base: accès et mobilité

6 language versions available in PDF format Grundlegende Bankdienstleistungen Zugang und Mobilität Servicios bancarios de base: acceso y movilidad Services bancaires de base: accès et mobilité Servizi bancari di base: accesso e mobilità Podstawowe usługi bankowe: dostęp i mobilność Basic bank services: access and mobility Disposer d’un compte de paiement est essentiel pour les consommateurs … Continue reading

Integrating the EU’s electronic payments market

The growing electronic payments market is to a large extent fragmented along national borders. The European Commission (EC) held a public consultation to identify ways to complete its integration into a single market. Responses reflect the opposing views of market incumbents and new entrants, and of payment-service providers and merchants. Electronic payments market Electronic retail … Continue reading

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