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World Diabetes Day 2022

Towards a public European health infrastructure: ‘A revolution is needed in the EU pharma ecosystem’

BLOG 2 months ago

European Parliament plenary session – October I, 2022

European health data space [EU Legislation in Progress]

The six policy priorities of the von der Leyen Commission: State of play in autumn 2022

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Do we need a public European medicines infrastructure?

What if we sequenced all human genomes? [Science and Technology podcast]

Genome editing in humans: A survey of law, regulation and governance principles

The future of pandemics: Preparing for health shocks in the 21st century

Future Shocks 2022: Responding better to future pandemics

The six policy priorities of the von der Leyen Commission: State of play as the Commission approaches mid-term


Outcome of the meetings of EU leaders, 24‑25 March 2022

BLOG 8 months ago

Privacy and security challenges of 5G technology


Outlook for the European Council meeting of 24-25 March 2022

Understanding COVAX: The EU’s role in vaccinating the world against Covid-19

BLOG, Events 9 months ago

Wellbeing and Covid-19: Life in the pandemic

BLOG 10 months ago

European Parliament Plenary Session – February 2022

What if we killed all microorganisms in our bodies? [Science and Technology podcast]

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Strengthening Europe in the fight against cancer

Ask EP By
BLOG, EP Answers 10 months ago

Ask EP 2021 – You asked, we answered!

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