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What if we could fight coronavirus by pooling computing power?

Mental health and the pandemic

Treatment optimisation in drug development

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European Science-Media Hub 5G knowlege map – dive in and explore!


Outcome of the meetings of EU leaders, 24-25 June 2021


Outlook for the meetings of EU leaders on 24-25 June 2021

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Microbiomes: Small little things that run life on Earth

Harnessing the new momentum in transatlantic relations: Potential areas for common action during the Biden presidency

Coronavirus: Latest developments [What Think Tanks are thinking]


Outlook for the special European Council meeting of 24-25 May 2021


Outcome of the meetings of EU leaders in Porto on 7-8 May 2021

European Pillar of Social Rights: Gothenburg, Porto and beyond [Policy Podcast]

The six policy priorities of the von der Leyen Commission: State of play in spring 2021

Building up resilience to cross-border health threats: Moving towards a European health union [EU Legislation in Progress]

The rise of digital health technologies during the pandemic [Policy Podcast]


Outcome of the video-conferences of EU leaders on 25 March 2021


Outlook for the meetings of EU leaders on 25-26 March 2021

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European Parliament Plenary Session – March I 2021


Outcome of the European Council video-conference of 25 February 2021

Coronavirus: Uncertainty and discontent [What Think Tanks are thinking]

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