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Wellbeing and Covid-19: Life in the pandemic

European Parliament Plenary Session – February 2022

What if we killed all microorganisms in our bodies? [Science and Technology podcast]

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Strengthening Europe in the fight against cancer

Ask EP By
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Ask EP 2021 – You asked, we answered!

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European Parliament Plenary Session – January 2022

What if xenotransplantation was the answer to the donor organ shortage? [Science and Technology podcast]

World AIDS Day 2021: 1 December

Prospects for EU economic recovery [What Think Tanks are thinking]

World Diabetes Day 2021

Domestic use of EU Digital Covid Certificates


Outcome of the European Council meeting of 21-22 October 2021


Outlook for the European Council meeting of 21-22 October 2021

What if the internet failed? [Science and Technology podcast]

The von der Leyen Commission’s six priorities: State of play in Autumn 2021

What if we could fight coronavirus by pooling computing power?

Mental health and the pandemic [Policy Podcast]

Treatment optimisation in drug development

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European Science-Media Hub 5G knowledge map – dive in and explore!


Outcome of the meetings of EU leaders, 24-25 June 2021

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