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Renewable energy in the EU

What if increased energy storage could help fix climate change? [Science and Technology Podcast]

Accelerating the deployment of renewable energy during the crisis

Energy policy in the national recovery and resilience plans

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European Parliament Plenary Session – September 2022

Solar energy in the EU [Policy Podcast]


Towards carbon neutrality through ambitious transformation of the EU energy system

Making solar a source of EU energy security

Future Shocks 2022: Strengthening our energy security [Policy Podcast]

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Sustainable energies and strategic autonomy: The race for solar technologies

Sustainable maritime fuels – ‘Fit for 55’ package: the FuelEU Maritime proposal [EU Legislation in Progress][Policy Podcast]

What if hydrogen could help decarbonise European industry? [Science and Technology podcast]

Revision of the Renewable Energy Directive: Fit for 55 package [EU Legislation in Progress]


EU energy system transformation – Cost of Non-Europe

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New STOA study ‘Carbon-free steel: Cost reduction options and usage of existing gas infrastructure’

What if hydrogen could help decarbonise transport? [Science and Technology podcast]

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Promotion of renewable energy in the EU after 2020 [European Parliament impact 2014-2019]

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Building a renewable energy future on dialogue and cooperation

EU policies – Delivering for citizens: Environmental protection [Policy Podcast]

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Tables rondes à Niamey : Numérique, eau et agriculture, et énergies renouvelables

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