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Rural areas and poverty

Written by Ana Martinez Juan, A definition… When it comes to poverty, one of the key issues is defining what it means and how it can be measured. Two types of poverty are generally categorised: absolute or extreme poverty, that identifies the number of people below a fixed real poverty threshold (euros/person/day) and relative poverty, … Continue reading

Precision Agriculture, what is it and how can it affect farming in Europe? A new study

Currently the European Parliament’s Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) Panel is conducting a study entitled ‘Precision agriculture and the future of farming in Europe’. This Scientific Foresight study aims to identify relevant legislative pathways by mapping concerns regarding future developments in precision agriculture. The first part of the study, the technical horizon scan, has been published. Continue reading

Conference on rural development in Cork, 5 – 6 September 2016

On 5-6 September 2016, the European Commission is organising a new conference on rural development in Cork, exactly twenty years after the first one. The event will bring together some 250 policy makers, academics, NGOs and other interested parties. It will provide an opportunity to discuss current and future challenges of rural areas and agriculture, and will be concluded with the presentation of a new Cork declaration. Continue reading

Focus on Food & Farmers

Written by Maria Kollarova This week our focus is on agriculture, our food and farmers’ livelihoods. The Russian embargo of agricultural products has certainly become a hot topic in the area since 7 August, when the Russian government adopted a list of agricultural imports to be banned. It is really too early to say what … Continue reading

La politique européenne de développement rural

Partie intégrante de la politique agricole commune, la politique de développement rural de l’Union européenne pour la période 2014-2020 contribue à favoriser la compétitivité de l’agriculture, à assurer un développement territorial équilibré des zones rurales et à garantir la gestion durable des ressources naturelles ainsi que la mise en œuvre de mesures visant à préserver … Continue reading

Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture

Urban and peri-urban agriculture has been defined as the cultivation of crops and rearing of animals for food and other uses within and surrounding the boundaries of cities, including fisheries and forestry. It comprehends a multifunctional of food production activities, as well as herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants for both home consumption and for the … Continue reading

What is a city? In focus on urban areas

What has anything from around 700 people to more than 17,000,000 and can cover from 0,44 square metres to more than 2,500 square kilometers? Cities: whether a huge metropolis, a national capital or a historic town or port – cities have much in common. The typologies proposed for Europe’s cities by various organisations all have their … Continue reading

From urban-rural linkages to urban-rural relationships in the EU

Urban and rural areas are increasingly integrated. In OECD countries, 80% of the rural population lives close to cities. Current and common challenges such as climate change, efficient use of natural resources (water, land), equal access to public services or demographic changes just to name a few, can be tackled more easily if cooperation exists … Continue reading

A 51-year-old Policy – AGRICULTURE Week on the Library Blog

A little history The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is one of the oldest policies of the European Union: was born in 1962! Its aim: to strengthen the competitiveness and the sustainability of agriculture and rural areas across the European Union. Due to its long history it has been reformed to adapt its objectives to the … Continue reading

L’Union européenne et l’agriculture durable

Confrontée aux besoins alimentaires d’une population croissante, l’agriculture mondiale doit faire face à de multiples enjeux (économiques, écologiques et sociaux). Selon les estimations, il faudrait, pour répondre à ces besoins, parvenir d’ici à 2050 à une augmentation de 70% de la production agricole mondiale. Parce qu’elle a notamment pour objectifs de promouvoir la production d’aliments … Continue reading

La ruralité au sein de l’Union européenne

Couvrant plus de la moitié du territoire de l’Union européenne (UE) et près d’un quart de sa population, les zones à prédominance rurale témoignent de l’importance de la ruralité au sein de l’UE. Ces zones sont, tout comme les zones de montagne, caractérisées par leur diversité, aussi bien d’un point de vue géographique, qu’économique ou … Continue reading

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