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Ask EP – You asked, we answered

What was your EU topic of the year? In all probability we dealt with it. Check out the Ask EP review of 2014. At the end of this year, Ask EP will have treated some 10,000 letters and messages addressed to the European Parliament or its President. We receive these messages from all over Europe … Continue reading

Prospects for e-cigarettes go up in smoke

Written by Nicole Scholz The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently published a report on Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) . The report, which includes a negative appraisal of e-cigarettes and cautions on their use, informed the discussions on one of the main agenda items at the sixth session of the Conference of the Parties (COP6) … Continue reading

New rules on electronic cigarettes

3 other language versions available in pdf: E-Zigaretten: Was will das Europäische Parlament? Qu’a fait le PE concernant les cigarettes électroniques? Wat heeft het EP gedaan op het gebied van elektronische sigaretten? Parliament’s vote on the directive on tobacco and related products spurred consumers of electronic cigarettes to write to the European Parliament. Many citizens … Continue reading

Topics and links − February 2014

What did the European Parliament decide regarding tobacco products and e-cigarettes? How does the European Parliament react to the Swiss referendum on introducing immigration quotas for EU citizens? Answers to these questions or other citizens’ concerns can be found by consulting our selection of links below. The following topics are based on questions and comments … Continue reading

Action de l’UE visant à réduire le commerce illicite du tabac

English version: EU action to reduce illicit trade in tobacco products Le commerce illicite des produits du tabac prive l’Union européenne (UE) et les États membres de recettes douanières et fiscales considérables. Cette activité criminelle particulièrement lucrative sape en outre les politiques de santé publique, menace les entreprises légales et participe au financement du crime organisé. La coopération internationale en matière de lutte contre … Continue reading

Topics of interest – December 2013

How will e-cigarettes be regulated by the new EU legislation? Will the European Parliament defend our values in the free trade agreement with the US? Answers to these questions or other citizens’ concerns can be found by consulting our selection of links below. The following topics of interest are based on questions and comments from … Continue reading

Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) work by vaporising nicotine liquid. They are aimed at people who do not want to smoke tobacco but cannot or do not want to overcome their nicotine addiction. They are mostly produced in China, and marketed in Europe by small and medium-sized firms. The market is growing rapidly. The variety of products … Continue reading

Making tobacco less attractive: Revision of the Tobacco Products Directive

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable diseases in the EU. Tobacco-related diseases kill around 700 000 Europeans per year. Measures to reduce smoking include taxation, restrictions on advertising, health warnings, education and awareness-raising campaigns and smoking bans in public places. Some 175 countries and the EU have signed the UN Framework Convention on Tobacco … Continue reading

Know what you shouldn’t buy: no more logos on cigarette packs

Tobacco is the largest single cause of avoidable death, disease and disability in the European Union. It claims the lives of some 650,000 people each year. And yet, even in the face of such scientific evidence, people still smoke. European Union EU legislation on the control of tobacco regulates the marketing of tobacco products for … Continue reading

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