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China’s export restrictions on rare earth elements

Rare earth elements (REEs) are coveted minerals used in high-tech products. China has about 50% of known world reserves and until very recently was behind 95% of global supplies. It has reduced its export quotas drastically since 2010, arguing that the country had paid a heavy price for its mining activity in the form of … Continue reading

EU-Mauritania fisheries agreements

The EU started to seek fisheries agreements with third countries after the adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (1982). The first such agreement with Mauritania was concluded in 1987, with successive agreements part of a broader development and cooperation framework. Successive reforms of the Common Fisheries Policy have led … Continue reading

Commerce entre l’UE et l’Amérique latine: L’impact social de la libéralisation

Les années 2000 ont vu la prolifération spectaculaire des accords commerciaux entre l’Amérique latine et l’Union européenne (UE). Que ce soit sous forme d’accords d’association ou de simples accords de libre-échange, ces accords contribuent à la libéralisation des échanges avec l’Amérique latine, continent riche en ressources naturelles, mais confronté à des inégalités sociales marquées. Les … Continue reading

Increase of Norway’s import duties for some agricultural products: impact and reactions

Traditionally a strong supporter of its agricultural sector, Norway has since 1 January 2013 been applying new ad valorem duties on imports of certain types of cheese, sheep and beef meat, resulting in sharp increases to respectively 277%, 429%, and 344%. This move was preceded by a new 72% import duty on hortensia flowers in … Continue reading

Opening negotiations on a plurilateral Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA)

6 language versions available in PDF format Avvio dei negoziati su un accordo multilaterale sugli scambi di servizi (TiSA) Otwarcie negocjacji wielostronnego układu ogólnego w sprawie handlu usługami (TiSA) Opening negotiations on a plurilateral Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) Eröffnung von Verhandlungen über ein multilaterales Abkommen über den Handel mit Dienstleistungen Inicio de negociaciones sobre … Continue reading

Transatlantic Week: Library focus on EU-US relations

Barack Obama visits Berlin this week, to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel. President Obama is also set to speak in front of the Brandenburg Gate, just as President John F. Kennedy did to make his historic statement “Ich bin ein Berliner” exactly 50 years ago. Not all discussions are expected to be bright and sunny … Continue reading

Analysis of EU-US trade

The European Union and the United States (US) are the two largest economies in the world in terms of GDP and are each other’s major partners in trade of goods, services and investment. To further improve these relations the European Commission has proposed the launch of negotiations with the US on a Transatlantic Trade and … Continue reading

The EU-US Trade and Investment Partnership

6 language versions available in PDF format Die Handels- und Investitionspartnerschaft zwischen der EU und den USA La asociación de comercio e inversión UE-EE.UU. Le partenariat transatlantique de commerce et d’investissement Partenariato UE-USA in materia di scambi commerciali e investimenti Partnerstwo UE-USA w dziedzinie handlu i inwestycji The EU-US Trade and Investment Partnership On 13 … Continue reading

China’s presence in African ports: investment across the ocean

In March 2013 China announced a $ 10 billion investment in East Africa, for construction of a new port at Bagamoyo, Tanzania, northwest of the capital Dar es Salaam. Scheduled for completion by 2017, Bagamoyo is to become by far the biggest port in Africa. With a planned cargo of 20 million containers per year, it will … Continue reading

Principal EU-US trade disputes

The prospect of transatlantic free trade talks has brought the EU-US trade relationship, the largest bilateral trading relationship in the world, into the spotlight. Trade disputes account for a small fraction of the total volume of this trade, around 2% according to the Commission, despite often receiving prominent media coverage. But a number of long-running … Continue reading

EU-ASEAN trade relations

This paper aims to show levels of trade between the EU and the ASEAN countries – Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Burma/Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. It looks at their trade in both goods and services with the EU, China and the NAFTA countries (USA, Canada and Mexico), to measure the importance of … Continue reading

TTIP : Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership : EU-US future FTA

updated 19 June 2013 The European Union and the United States are each other’s main trading partners and enjoy the largest bilateral trade relationship in the world. In 2011, EU imports from the US amounted to  11 % and the exports to 17 % of its extra-EU trade, whereas EU-27 accoounted for 17 % of US imports … Continue reading

EU-US trade agreement: the issues of consumer protection and food safety

In 2011, a high-level working group on Jobs and Growth (HLWG) was tasked by EU and US leaders to analyse possibilities for increasing transatlantic trade and investment. In its interim report, the HLWG proposed the conclusion of a comprehensive EU-US trade and investment agreement, to tackle tariff and non-tariff barriers (including regulatory divergences in a … Continue reading

Escalating EU-China trade row over solar panels

6 language versions available in pdf Solar-Handelsstreit zwischen der EU und China eskaliert Disputa comercial en aumento entre la UE y China sobre las placas solares Panneaux solaires: intensification du litige commercial entre l’UE et la Chine L’inasprimento della controversia commerciale sui pannelli fotovoltaici tra l’UE e la Cina Eskalacja konfliktu pomiędzy UE a Chinami … Continue reading

EU-US cooperation in the Asia-Pacific

In July 2012, on the margins of the ASEAN Regional Forum meeting, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and the US Secretary of State underlined the necessity for EU-US cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. The economic and political “rise of Asia” has led to increasing talk of a “Pacific century”. The Asia-Pacific is one … Continue reading

Improving EU-Asia trade relations

In 2006, the European Commission approved the Global Europe Communication, first step in a new trade policy envisaging ambitious and far-reaching bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs) with priority partners having significant market potential. Asia is an emerging market that will soon become the largest economic region in the world. Its bilateral trade with the European … Continue reading

EU trade negotiations with Japan

6 language versions availableHandelsverhandlungen der EU mit Japan Negociaciones comerciales entre la UE y Japón Négociations commerciales de l’Union européenne avec le Japon Relazioni commerciali dell’Unione europea con il Giappone Negocjacje handlowe Unii Europejskiej z Japonią A “scoping exercise” by the European Commission and Japanese government on a possible free trade agreement was concluded on … Continue reading

EU-South Korea: analysis of trade

The EU-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA) has been in force since 1 July 2011. One year on, it is timely to look at trade between the EU – the world’s largest economy in terms of GDP – and South Korea – the world’s 13th largest economy. This spotlight shows trade in goods between the … Continue reading

Labour rights in Colombia in the perspective of a Free Trade Agreement with the EU

The EU’s Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Colombia and Peru, on which the European Parliament is expected to vote in the coming months, is the subject of deep controversy. NGOs from both sides of the Atlantic question whether such an agreement should be concluded, because of the continued violation of human rights, especially in Colombia. … Continue reading

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