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Outcome of European Council video-conference of 26 March 2020

Suspension of EU rules on airport slot allocation

Military mobility: Infrastructure for the defence of Europe [Policy podcast]

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3 key questions on autonomous vehicles

What if hydrogen could help decarbonise transport? [Science and Technology podcast]

Civil and military drones: Navigating a disruptive and dynamic technological ecosystem [Policy podcast]

Monitoring, reporting and verification of CO2 emissions from maritime transport [EU Legislation in Progress]

What if policy anticipated advances in science and technology? [Science and Technology podcast]

Plenary round-up – Brussels, April I 2019

Plenary round-up – Strasbourg,
 March II 2019

Artificial intelligence in transport: Current and future developments, opportunities and challenges

Measures to advance the realisation of the trans-European transport network: Integrated and faster project procedures [EU Legislation in Progress]

Port reception facilities for ship waste: Collecting waste from ships in ports [EU Legislation in Progress]

European maritime single window: Harmonised digital reporting for ships [EU Legislation in Progress]

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European Parliament Plenary Session, January 2019

Discontinuing seasonal changes of time [EU Legislation in Progress]

What if algorithms could abide by ethical principles? [Scientific and Technology Podcast]

Electronic freight transport information [EU Legislation in Progress]

Plenary round-up – Strasbourg, October II 2018

CO2 emission standards for heavy-duty vehicles [EU Legislation in Progress]

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