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Urban wastewater treatment: Updating EU rules [EU Legislation in Progress]

Sustainable use of plant protection products [EU Legislation in Progress][Policy podcast]

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Establishing an industrial emissions portal [EU Legislation in Progress]

Revision of the Industrial Emissions Directive [EU Legislation in Progress]

The EU’s zero pollution ambition: Moving towards a non-toxic environment

Revision of the EU’s Waste Shipment Regulation [EU Legislation in Progress][Policy Podcast]

Towards deforestation-free commodities and products in the EU [EU Legislation in Progress]

Protecting pollinators in the EU [Policy Podcast]

Biodiversity protection: Where do we stand?

EU climate action policy: Responding to the global emergency

New EU regulatory framework for batteries: Setting sustainability requirements [EU Legislation in Progress]

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Forest fires: Environmental stakes [Policy Podcast]

Coronavirus and the trade in wildlife

BLOG, Events 3 years ago

Understanding EU environment policy: State-of-play and future challenges

EU sports policy: Going faster, aiming higher, reaching further [Policy podcast]

European territorial cooperation (Interreg) 2021-2027 [EU Legislation in Progress]

Water reuse: Setting minimum requirements [EU Legislation in Progress]

Single-use plastics and fishing gear: Reducing marine litter [EU Legislation in Progress]

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