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It’s your car: you are responsible!

In 2011 less progress was made in reducing the number of road deaths in the whole of the EU compared…

In 2011 less progress was made in reducing the number of road deaths in the whole of the EU compared to 2010. This is one of the results of the latest PIN annual report which was presented during the 6th annual PIN Conference on 20 June 2012. Also there was slower progress in reducing the number of serious injuries than in road deaths over the years 2000-2011. 

The ETSC’s Road Safety Performance Index is a policy instrument to help EU Member States in improving road safety. By comparing Member States’ performance, it serves to identify and promote Best Practice in Europe and bring about the kind of political leadership that is needed to create what citizens deserve – a road transport system that offers a maximum of safety. 

During the same conference, Hungary received the Road Safety PIN Award 2012. Hungary had the same number of accidents on its roads in 2011 as in…1961. Only back then there were only 400,000 vehicles compared to today’s car park of 3,6 billion. This result could be achieved through the following measures: objective responsibility, introduction of point system, zero alcohol tolerance, on the spot road checks, information campaigns. During its EU-Presidency, Hungary pushed very hard towards the adoption of the Directive facilitating the cross-border enforcement. Hungary is also working on the mutual recognition and enforcement of financial penalties within the Salzburg Forum Initiative

More information on the Road Safety Performance Index on ETSC’s website.

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