Mitja Brus By / October 17, 2012

The Library on social media: Twitter

As of today, you can follow us on Twitter! Not many libraries dare to go there, but let me explain…

Twitter screenshotAs of today, you can follow us on Twitter! Not many libraries dare to go there, but let me explain what you may expect from us. 

All social media have their particular drawbacks. However, Twitter is special and can suck loads of your energy 🙂 Do not get me wrong, it is a wonderful media, probably the only one where you actually communicate with your clients. But it is tough and requires coordination and strong dedication from the whole organisation. And that is why you become ‘mature’ with Twitter – either you’ve got all your colleagues on board, or…you fail. 

I have already discussed why we decided to go for Twitter. So let me, rather proudly, present, what we want to share with you there. 

We will try to be informative. Meaning, you will remain up to date with our newly published products, see what questions we are currently working on, hear about our trainings and events, and, logically, share any exciting developments. Unfortunately, some of these topics are relevant only to EP staff, so some links will be to the EP Intranet.  

We will also try to be relevant. No ‘propaganda’ for our products, but tight links with the events for which they were produced. Obvious examples are our plenary briefings, which are produced for a particular topic on the EP plenary agenda. We produce many other products for committee meetings or special events, so you can keep informed on what’s going on in the EP. 

Lastly, we will remain professional. We are an internal service providing impartial information to Members. As such, we cannot afford (and frankly, we do not want) to give opinions or biased information. However, we do value your opinion and would like to receive your feedback on our products. You know – we can only get better! 

Like what you hear? There’s more! But for that, follow us on Twitter.

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