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Defenders of media freedom in accession countries [What Europe does for you]

How should we manage media in the age of artificial intelligence?

BLOG 5 years ago

EU support for media freedom – looking East: Turkey, Western Balkans, Eastern Partnership, Russia

BLOG, Events 6 years ago

EP-EUI policy roundtable on ‘Media Pluralism in the EU’

Russia: manipulation of information and the EU’s response

How the EU budget is spent: Creative Europe: encouraging creative growth and employment

Truth, lies and disinformation — beyond Russia and Ukraine

Press freedom in the EU: Legal framework and challenges


The AVMSD: implementation and future perspectives

Creative Europe Programme: renewing support to the cultural and creative sectors

Application of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive

BLOG 9 years ago

How to present timely information on your website?

Protection of minors in the media environment. EU regulatory mechanisms

Improving the accessibility of public sector bodies’ websites

BLOG 9 years ago

Going mobile in the EP Library: insights from the 2012 m-Libraries conference

BLOG 10 years ago

The Library on social media: Twitter

BLOG 10 years ago

The Library on social media: Facebook


Pan-European Forum on Media and Pluralism and New Media: just another conference about the future of information?

BLOG 10 years ago

The Library on social media: A beginning

BLOG 10 years ago

Mobile thoughts: behind the scenes of the m.Library website

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