Human development index (HDI) of the EU's southern Mediterranean neighbours

The infographic shows the Human Development Index (HDI) created by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) . It aims to measure the human development of a country. It is a combination of three indicators: life expectancy at birth (health), access to knowledge (education) and gross national income per capita (income). The index is a geometrical mean of the above indicators and has a value between 0 (least developed) and 1 (most developed).
Based on the index, 187 countries have been ranked and divided into four categories: very high (HDI value between 0.943 and 0.784 and rank between 1 and 47) high (value between 0.783 and 0.698 and rank between 48 and 94), medium (value between 0.698 and 0.511 and rank between 95 and 141) and low (value between 0.510 and 0.286 and rank between 142 and 187).
The box describes the value of the three best and worst EU27 countries, giving the rank and the Human Development value for each of these six Member States.